Magnetism And Matter

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In physicsMagnetism is defined as the property by the virtue of which a magnetic material is able to create an attraction or repulsion force. In physics,Magnetism helps to study the behaviour of matter inmagnetic fields.

What is magnetism used for?

A magnet is a piece of rock or metal that can pull other metals towards it. The force of magnets is called magnetism. ... All magnets have a magnetic field around them, the force between the two poles. Magnets attract or repel other metals.

What is magnetism in simple terms?
In physics, magnetism is a force that can attract (pull closer) or repel (push away) objects that have a magnetic material like iron inside them (magnetic objects). Insimpler words, it is a property of certain substances which pull closer or repel other objects.

Why is the study of magnetism so important?
If you stroke an iron nail with a bar magnet many times, you can induce a magnetic field in the iron nail, turning it into a magnet. ... Therefore, magnetism is very important because we use it to create electrical energy.

Why is magnetism important?
Electricity flows through the nerves in our bodies the same way electricity flows through an electrical wire. The body's magnetism comes from two sources: 1)magnetism from the Earth's magnetic field, and 2) magnetism produced through metabolism within the cells in the body.

How is magnetism produced?
The motion of an electric charge producing a magnetic field is an essential concept in understanding magnetism. The magnetic moment of an atom can be the result of the electron's spin, which is the electron orbital motion and a change in the orbital motion of the electrons caused by an applied magnetic field.

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